National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children: Memorial Services for Aborted Babies Buried in Wisconsin

Every human being deserves the dignity of a decent burial. Recognizing this, compassionate pro-lifers buried more than 1,200 aborted children at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee in 1988. The bodies of these babies had been set out for trash pick-up on a loading dock, and they included hundreds of unborn children aborted at two, now closed, Milwaukee abortion facilities.

To mark the anniversary of the burial of these aborted babies, the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, a nationwide event, will take place September 13th. On this day, memorial services will be held throughout the United States, including all grave sites of aborted babies, as well as dozens of memorial markers for the victims of abortion.

In Wisconsin, memorial services will be held in Milwaukee and Dane at the graves of aborted babies. A memorial service will also be held at the memorial to the unborn at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse.

In Milwaukee, the memorial service at Holy Cross Cemetery is organized by Pro-Life Wisconsin. The service will begin at 1:30 pm in the infant section of the cemetery located at Burleigh and Nash Avenues. It will be led by Bishop Donald Hying, auxiliary bishop of the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Peggy Hamill, State Director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, will MC the Milwaukee Memorial. “When we honor the lives of pre-born babies, we are reminded of their personhood and dignity as human beings,” Hamill said. “It moves our hearts to recognize the fact that these tiny pre-born children are full human persons, and they deserve to be treated as such.”

Memorial Service in Milwaukee: 
September 13, 1:30-2:30pm at Holy Cross Cemetery (Children’s Section)
7301 W Nash St, Milwaukee, WI 53216
The service will be led by Bishop Donald Hying.

Memorial Service in Dane:
September 13, 10:00-11:00am at a burial site located on the church grounds of St. Michael’s Parish.

Memorial Service in La Crosse:
September 13, 1:30pm-2:30pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine’s Memorial to the Unborn. Speaker will be Sam Guzman,
Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin.

Videos of Milwaukee news coverage of the original Sept. 10, 1988 memorial are available at the following links. For coverage from Channel 4, click here. For coverage from Channel 6, click here.


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5 Simple Ways to Help Us Save Babies

life_boatAttacks upon the human life and dignity are happening each day, right here in the state of Wisconsin. Utilizing a three tiered approach, Pro-Life Wisconsin engages in education, legislation, and activism to address these evils and replace them with the beautiful fruits of a Culture of Life.

One young mother who chose life through the efforts of a sidewalk counselor trained by Pro-Life Wisconsin is now joyfully experiencing the blessings of her choice.  Not only was she spared the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds that accompany an abortion, but she is energetically helping other women through her work with Pro-Life Wisconsin.  She is now an active Pro-Life Wisconsin supporter, volunteering her time and talents to help others choose life.

Will you have the courage to do the same?  Will you take the time to follow the Gospel message to care for the most vulnerable in society?

As members of the Body of Christ, we all have different roles to play in following Christ’s teachings regarding the dignity of human life.  Prayer is an excellent and critical starting point, but Jesus was also intentional about taking action to care for the immediate and physical needs of those he encountered.  Please consider the following five ways that you can join Pro-Life Wisconsin in our life-saving work. 

  1. Sign up for GoodSearch – We’ll start with an easy one. Most of us use the internet on a daily basis (you are reading this blog, right?), and now you can support Pro-Life Wisconsin every time you search online simply by signing up for GoodSearch.  GoodSearch is a search engine (similar to Google or Yahoo), and each time you do an internet search it will donate a penny to Pro-Life Wisconsin.  To get started, click here and designate “Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force” as your charity, then, set goodsearch as your home page on your internet browser so that you can donate with the click of a mouse.  It’s as simple as that!
  2. Use Amazon Smile when shopping online – Another way to support PLW in the digital age, is by using Amazon Smile. Shopping on Amazon Smile is exactly the same as shopping on Amazon, except that a portion of the proceeds are donated to PLW when you identify “Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force” as your charity of choice.  Are you a student and still need a couple books for class?  Buy them on Amazon Smile! Go to
  3. Drink Life Boat Coffee – Are you an avid coffee drinker like myself? Now, there is an excellent way for you to purchase your coffee, while also supporting Pro-Life Wisconsin!  It is called Life Boat Coffee.  This 100% Pro-Life coffee company partners with pro-life organizations and coffee fans to make supporting PLW a tasty endeavor.  10% of every purchase goes to Pro-Life Wisconsin! Click here to start shopping now.  Who knew that even your cup of joe in the morning could be pro-life!
  4. Enter the Loving Life 5K Run/Walk – Are you a runner, walker, or simply a fan of beautiful Wisconsin fall weather? Strap your sneakers on, and join in the first ever Loving Life 5K… Register Now!  This fun run is taking place at beautiful Grant Park in South Milwaukee on September 27th, and it’s designed to support Pro-Life Wisconsin’s crisis pregnancy outreach.  Can’t make it?  You can still support this great cause by donating online.
  5. Become a PLW Monthly Donor – Consider partnering with PLW in an especially critical way by becoming a monthly donor. Don’t have big pockets?  Still paying off student loans, a mortgage, your car?  It’s okay, most of us are in your camp.  You can still give! Even $5 can make a big difference. Consider sacrificing your snacks, sodas, or whatever you use to get you through the day, for one week a month, and using that money to support the lives of the vulnerable.  We are more actively involved in the community than ever and need to sustain this positive progress.  With the closing of the Planned Parenthood in Fond du Lac, and the decrease in abortions statewide by nearly 7% last year, we are seeing the tangible fruits of our efforts made possible by our loyal supporters.  We rely strictly on the generosity of our donors and any amount is gratefully accepted.  Sign up and start save lives today by clicking here to view our online giving options.

Thank you for taking action to support human dignity in your daily activities!  Please share these opportunities with your friends and family.  If you have any questions, or you want to learn about additional ways to support Pro-Life Wisconsin, please feel free to email me at or call (262) 796-1111 ex. 15.

Love Life.  Live Life. Defend Life.

Matthew Von Rueden
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Development Director

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Pro-Life Wisconsin Encouraged by Abortion Decline, Presses on in Fight for Personhood

1243531_10152271690207818_1436197162_oPro-Life Wisconsin is encouraged by the news that the induced abortion rate continues to decline in Wisconsin, falling nearly 7% in 2013, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The number of abortions performed in 2013 in Wisconsin was the lowest since Roe v. Wade, decreasing 465 to 6,927.

The daily presence of Pro-Life Wisconsin’s sidewalk counselors and volunteers outside of abortion facilities, along with participation in campaigns such as 40 Days for Life, helps women choose life for their children. “In 2013, 208 babies were saved from abortion by sidewalk counselors in Milwaukee alone, that we know of,” said Dan Miller, Pro-Life Wisconsin board member and dedicated sidewalk counselor, about the decline. “God continually encourages His people to defend the most vulnerable members of the human family with good news like this.”

While Pro-Life Wisconsin is encouraged by the decline in abortions across the state, our work isn’t done yet. “Pro-Life Wisconsin’s network of dedicated grassroots activists, affiliates, and sidewalk counselors is saving lives every day, and our educational and legislative work is changing the culture of our great state,” said Sam Guzman, Communications Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin. “But while we are encouraged by the news of abortions declining in Wisconsin, we are not satisfied with a simple decline.  We won’t rest until abortion is abolished in Wisconsin, and the dignity of every human person is recognized and protected by law.”

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Participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge? Donate to Ethical Research!

armin-wolf-ice-bucket-challenge-Kopie_1408442105816396The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has been making waves across the nation, and it’s one of the most successful and viral non-profit marketing campaigns in recent history. 

Yet, while the challenge is undeniably fun and positive, many pro-life advocates have warned against supporting the ALS Association due to their ongoing research using embryonic stem cells. This kind of research ends the lives of countless embryonic humans, each entirely unique and made in the image of God. 

So what to do? If you want to participate in this fun challenge, yet you want to support ethical research,donate to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, located here in the Midwest, instead! This organization performs ethical research that does not violate human dignity and destroy tiny lives. Spread the word!

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Early Deadline for 2015 March for Life Bus Trip… Don’t Wait!

27e284b0-8a12-44cf-b17b-4e408b945361The registration deadline for the 2015 March for Life bus trip is earlier this year, so don’t wait to register!

The annual March for Life will be held Thursday, January 22, in Washington D.C. Pro-Life Wisconsin’s buses will be leaving on Tuesday, January 20, and returning Saturday, January 24.

The price of $300 per person includes two nights in a D.C. hotel (four persons per room). Anyone under 18 must be chaperoned.

Register now to guarantee a seat! Reservations close November 1st or at capacity. Full non-refundable payment required at time of registration. For more information and to request a registration form call 262-796-1111 or visit

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Choose Life Wisconsin Urges Supreme Court to Take “Choose Life” License Plate Case

PlateAfter months of hard work, passionate lobbying at the State Capitol, and many phone calls and emails from grassroots pro-lifers, the “Choose Life” Wisconsin license plate was killed by Senate Republican leadership this past April. This positive, life affirming plate is designed to save lives and help women in need by funding crisis pregnancy outreach centers. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin State Senate was more interested in politics than honoring the free speech of pro-life Wisconsinites.

Now, however, attorneys with the Thomas More Society and Wisconsin attorney Michael Dean and his First Freedoms Foundation have filed an amicus brief on behalf of Choose Life Wisconsin, Choose Life America, and Illinois Choose Life. The brief urges the U.S. Supreme Court to take on a lower court case that addresses the free speech rights of Americans who want to purchase “Choose Life” license plates. If the Supreme Court agrees to take on the case, it would be a wonderful opportunity for pro-life and pro-family groups to argue for the right to have “Choose Life” license plates across the country.

“Thousands of drivers wish to purchase ‘Choose Life’ specialty plates in order to express their personal views in favor of an important societal issue,” said Steve Crampton, Thomas More Society special counsel, “but they are not able to do so because of confusing contradictions in the lower courts. It’s high time that this conflict is resolved once and for all–the forum of specialty plates should include all speech.”

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Today is Primary Election Day! Vote Pro-Life!

Vote BadgesDon’t forget to vote in today’s fall primary election – let your pro-life voice be heard! 

Please keep the following points in mind as you vote:

  •  The Wisconsin fall primary is a “closed” primary.
  •  You have the choice whether to declare a party affiliation.
  •  You must limit your votes to candidates in only one party.
  •  If you cast votes for candidates in more than one party, your entire ballot will be invalidated.

PLW Victory Fund PAC candidate endorsements
The Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund political action committee (PAC) has endorsed 39 candidates who are 100 percent pro-life and running for state office in the upcoming fall primary and general elections. We are pleased to be able to endorse these candidates who recognize the personhood of the preborn baby and who hold the principled and compassionate ‘no-exceptions’ pro-life philosophy. Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund supports candidates for public office who demonstrate a commitment to protect each and every innocent human life – in all circumstances and at all stages of development. Only when we have lawmakers who will fully protect preborn children as ‘persons’ will we see an end to the scandal of legal abortion.
For a list of the Victory Fund’s endorsed candidates, please click here.

Candidates for U.S. Congress who returned 100% pro-life PLW surveys
The following candidates for United States Congress have returned 100% pro-life surveys from Pro-Life Wisconsin:
U.S. House of Representatives
District 3
Karen Mueller (R-Chippewa Falls)
District 4
Dan Sebring (R-Milwaukee)
District 6
Glenn Grothman (R-Campbellsport)
Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan)
Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville)
Paid for by the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC, George Kriegl Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s agent or committee.

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Safe Sex Doesn’t Exist

A few months ago, I wrote a column called “The Myth of Safe Sex.” My argument was that sex is the most intimate and powerful of human actions, for in the sexual act, we lay ourselves and our souls bare. More importantly, in engaging in the sexual act, we have the power to create a new human life—a power that should never be treated casually or thoughtlessly. With great power comes great responsibility, as the saying goes.

Now, internet blogging phenomenon, Matt Walsh, has voiced the same opinion, albeit more forcefully and eloquently than I.

Nameless, random, uncommitted sex is never safe. Not emotionally, not spiritually, not physically. In fact, no sex is safe. Sex is not supposed to be safe. Sex isn’t supposed to be physically perilous like it often is these days — thanks, mostly, to years of ‘safe sex’ education — but it is supposed to be an act of great depth and consequence. Sex is meant to be open and exposed. It’s meant to bring out scary and mysterious feelings of desire and devotion.

Call that whatever you like, but you can’t call it safe.

Sex itself isn’t safe. On the other hand, committed relationships, fortified by the vows of marriage and reaffirmed daily by both spouses, are safe — and it is only in this context that the inherent vulnerability of sex can be made secure and comfortable.

It’s funny that in the world of petty one night stands, when someone commits the crime of being a human being who develops natural pangs of emotional closeness and affection, the other person is allowed to accuse them of being ‘weird’ or ‘moving too fast.’ And when the manmade barricades fail and a human life is tragically formed, both parties can, with a straight face, say that it was an ‘accident.’

Read the whole thing here. It’s a great piece with a great message: That human sexuality is not something to be treated casually. In fact, it is so powerful that abusing it results in the death of millions of innocent human lives each year—which is hardly safe.

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City of Madison Repeals Anti-Speech Zones

522a67de392c1.preview-620Citing a lawsuit by Madison pro-life advocates, and reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in McCullen v. Coakley striking down a Massachusetts law requiring pro-life witnesses and sidewalk counselors in the public way to remain 35 feet from the entrance to an abortion clinic, the Madison Common Council last night unanimously repealed their own anti-speech zones created by an ordinance passed in March. In a July 10 memo to Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and members of the Madison Common Council, city attorney Michael May recommended repealing the anti-speech zones explaining the City “is not able to enforce the ordinance in light of McCullen, and leaving the law on the books opens the City up to additional lawsuits.” The Common Council repealed all of the ordinance’s limits on activity in places like the UW campus, and it removed all speech restrictions outside abortion centers in Madison.

“The Common Council was right to repeal its offensive and unconstitutional anti-speech zones,” said Matt Sande, Pro-Life Wisconsin Legislative Director. “Last January Pro-Life Wisconsin implored the Council to slow down and refrain from enacting any speech restrictions pending the McCullen decision. The high court has now spoken, saying that cities may not attack free speech rights in the public way. The controversy surrounding the Madison anti-speech zone ordinance and the resulting lawsuit brought by our Dane County affiliate could all have been avoided had council members exercised a little prudence.”

The Madison ordinance created a “protective zone” within 100 feet of the entrance to “health care” clinics and 30 feet of the driveway entrance for a health clinic, but defined such facilities as any place where a doctor or nurse routinely provides treatment. This created speech restrictions on UW campus and throughout sidewalks in Madison. People on the public way or sidewalks within these zones could not approach, without consent, another person within 8 feet for the purpose of oral protest, education, counseling, passing leaflets or handbills, or displaying signs. The Common Council repealed these provisions which applied to all health care locations in Madison and replaced them with prohibitions on obstructive and threatening behavior at Madison’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

“Pro-life sidewalk counselors and those who offer prayer support simply engage in quiet conversation on the public sidewalk – they do not ‘physically and intentionally’ obstruct or threaten those entering abortion facilities,” said Peggy Hamill, Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director. “We conduct ourselves peacefully and charitably, and so these new restrictions really have no effect on our daily activity in front of Planned Parenthood. The violence is occurring inside the abortion clinic, not outside it.”

In February Pro-Life Wisconsin’s Dane County affiliate, Madison Vigil for Life, filed suit in federal court over the anti-speech zone ordinance. U.S. District Judge William Conley denied their request for a temporary injunction. Vigil for Life is represented by the civil rights law firm Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which recently obtained almost $500,000 in attorneys’ fees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for its violations of the freedom of speech. ADF attorneys also won a lawsuit against a buffer zone law in Pittsburgh

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5 Pro-Life Books You Need to Read

As someone who believes in the dignity and worth of every human life, chances are you’ve gotten into a discussion at some point with a friend or family member who is pro-abortion. If so, you know that a calm, charitable discussion of the facts, rather than angry rhetoric, is the most effective method of engagement.

But having such fact-based discussions requires that we first be educated in all the issues involved—and no, just saying “abortion ends a human life” isn’t sufficient argumentation (even though it should be). With that in mind, here are 5 books to better equip you to engage family and friends who believe abortion is a woman’s right.

PS: All links take you Amazon Smile for purchase. Buying books through Amazon Smile supports Pro-Life Wisconsin! When prompted, enter Pro-Life Wisconsin in the search box, and then click Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force, Inc.

1. Ten Universal Principles

18619_TenUniversalPrinciplesby Rober Spitzer, S.J.

Like it or not, the debate over issues like abortion and euthanasia is shaped by philosophers, ethicists, and college professors. These men and women argue about philosophical concepts like like bodily autonomy and personhood—-issues that call into question what it really means to be human. As abortion statistics show, the wrong philosophy can have a devastating impact, leading to death for thousands, even millions of human beings. If we are going to be effective pro-life witnesses, we must understand the philosophical ideas involved and know how to address them rationally.

I can think of no better book to equip one to defend the solid philosophical foundation for the pro-life position than Fr. Robert Spitzer’s Ten Universal Principles. Brief and easily understood, Ten Universal Principles walks through 10 moral, ethical, and philosophical beliefs that are the foundation of the pro-life position. If these beliefs are denied, the foundations of justice collapse. Every pro-lifer should read this book at least once.

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2. Adam and Eve After the Pill

9781586178222_0by Mary Eberstadt

Few things have transformed our culture more rapidly or profoundly than the sexual revolution. In Adam and Eve After the Pill, essayist and author Mary Eberstadt deftly chronicles the moral, social, and cultural consequences of severing human sexuality from procreation. This is the go to book for understanding just how deeply the contraceptive mentality has transformed the world as we know it.

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3. Abandoned

99339by Dr. Monica Miller

Some have called Abandoned the best book ever written on abortion. In this gripping account, professor and activist Monica Migliorino Miller relates how she came face to face with the gruesome reality of abortion, and how it motivated her to tell the world about the holocaust happening in our own backyards. Click here for our full review of Abandoned.

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4. Personhood

personhood-becker-book-coverby Dan Becker

A growing consensus among pro-lifers acknowledges that personhood is not an issue for pro-lifers, it is the issue, and abortion will continue until the personhood of the pre-born child is affirmed and enshrined in our laws. If you’re looking for a concise and practical introduction to the concept of legal personhood, and how it can bring an end to abortion, look no further than Dan Becker’s Personhood. This excellent little book explains the moral and legal foundations of human personhood, and how you can bring the personhood movement to your state.

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5. Unplanned

unplannedby Abby Johnson

While many don’t realize it, Planned Parenthood is a business that generates most of its income through abortions. No one knows this better than Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-lifer. Her powerful and compelling story is sure to renew your passion to end abortion once and for all. But most of all, it will encourage you to love and pray for those in the abortion industry—women and men like Abby who might just have a change of heart.

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What books do you recommend? Leave your answer in the comments. 


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