Male columnist: Stock up on Plan B in light of Tuesday’s election

After Tuesday’s pro-life, pro-family election victories across the state and the country, a certain amount of pro-abortion backlash is to be expected.

When Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch are sworn into office, Wisconsin will have a 100% pro-life governor and lieutenant governor, respectively. In the State Assembly, 35 of the 51 candidates endorsed by the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC were elected and in the State Senate, 5 of the 8 endorsed candidates were elected. You can read LifeSiteNews’ wrap-up of pro-life victories around the country here (PLW is quoted at the end!)

And now for one of the most ridiculous, ill-formed pieces of backlash. [PLW note: The following articles linked to may be considered by some to be graphic, so bear that in mind.]

Ryan Adserias is one of the writers for “The Dirty Bird,” a weekly sex column published by The Daily Cardinal, UW-Madison’s liberal student newspaper. Adserias, according to The Daily Cardinal’s bio, is “a graduate student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis” at UW-Madison. Adserias is also a program coordinator for Sex Out Loud, a UW-Madison-funded student group that promotes “healthy sexuality through sex positive education and activism.”

With all those credentials, one would think Adserias would be respectful of women, since he did receive a bachelor’s degree from UW-Madison in women’s studies. Or be able to compose a column without the use of the “f” word. Or act like he’s had sensitivity training with all those Sex Out Loud folks.

In today’s “Dirty Bird” column, Adserias refers to a pregnancy as a “sexually-transmitted uterine parasite called a fetus.” Apparently “reproductive rights” don’t actually include reproducing.

Lastly, Adserias advises women (or men?) to “stock up on Plan B.” He apparently didn’t read the usage instructions for Plan B, the most commonly used form of emergency contraception, which state: “Plan B One-Step™ should not be used as regular birth control… Plan B One-Step™ should only be used in emergencies.”

Where is NARAL’s feminist outcry over Adserias’ overwhelming chauvinism?

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