Wisconsin Medical Society asks Walker to veto bill banning webcam abortions

In a move that demonstrates just how much of a sacred cow abortion is to the medical community, the Wisconsin Medical Society is publicly “asking” Gov. Walker to veto a recently-passed bill that outlaws webcam abortions, via the Wisconsin State Journal‘s sympathetic ear:

Wisconsin’s largest medical association asked Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday to veto a bill that would add new requirements for doctors to ensure a woman isn’t forced into an abortion. Walker’s office said the governor is still evaluating the bill.

The Wisconsin Medical Society’s letter said the bill passed by the Republican-controlled state Legislature earlier this month would infringe on the physician-patient relationship. The doctors’ group also expressed concern that physicians who fail to follow the bill exactly will face a Class I felony charge.

Walker’s spokesman Cullen Werwie said the governor is still evaluating the bill, as well as others passed in the legislative session that adjourned last week. They include a bill that would make teaching about contraception use optional and emphasize abstinence in public schools’ sex education classes.

Missing from the Wisconsin Medical Society’s concern is the fact that the average woman loses four times the amount of blood in a drug-induced medical abortion as compared to a standard surgical abortion. Several deaths have been attributed to mifepristone. Its prescription and use ought to be highly restricted, if not banned.

In 2010, Pro-Life Wisconsin’s investigative research revealed that the system was already in place for so-called telemed abortions, a process whereby a woman consults with a doctor on a video camera, and at the end of the “appointment,” out pops abortion-causing drugs.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is currently dispensing RU-486 in this manner, and we have no reason to doubt the same isn’t occurring here in Wisconsin.  Jill Stanek wrote about the issue at length last summer.

In 2009, the Business Journal of Milwaukee revealed that taxpayer dollars paid for a telemedicine system to be installed at Planned Parenthood locations in Wisconsin.

Pro-Life Wisconsin applauds the Wisconsin Legislature for banning webcam abortions and we look forward to Governor Walker’s signature of this timely legislation.

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