Thanksgiving, Planned Parenthood style

Planned Parenthood of New York City [PPNYC] posted advice for fellow pro-aborts heading off to family dinners for Thanksgiving.

Who knew the prospect of talking about abortion over turkey struck fear in pro-aborts?

While most families will have disagreements, and we are still living in a country where people have the freedom to express their disagreements, the inferences in PPNYC’s article were interesting.

Pro-lifers have long included abortion in the list of human rights violations occurring around the world. As the unborn child is a person just like the rest of us and deserving of the same rights, the killing of a person – born or unborn – should inspire the same reaction.

So it’s interesting when pro-aborts try to turn that reasoning back around. How would you finish PPNYC’s suggested “springboard” sentences, as a pro-abort?

“I believe every child should be wanted… so kill all the unwanted.”

“In the world I want to see, parents are… free to kill the unborn, especially if the child is disabled, female or likely to be poor.”

“In the world I want to see, abortion is… used to further eugenics in our society, to wipe out the disabled and the poor.”

Of course, there is the unspoken implication that pro-aborts are young professionals, heading home to their out-of-touch relatives for Thanksgiving. This, despite the research and polls showing Americans are more pro-life than ever.

Pro-lifers must be doing something right, if Planned Parenthood of New York City has to reassure and reeducate its members on how to effectively communicate!

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